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The new Coronavirus disease, now officially named Covid-19, was declared a global health pandemic by the World Health Organisation in March 2020. As the virus continues to spread, it could pose a threat to some organisations.

Strategic Resources is closely monitoring the developing COVID-19 situation. Our priority is to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of our Employees, Contractors, Clients and other business contacts, as well as continuing to deliver our professional services.

Strategic Resources has a Contingency Plan in force for any Employees who may self-isolate or be quarantined if they have the Covid-19. Flexible/home working arrangement, for Employees, are in place and have been tested. This enables our staff to work remotely. All necessary steps have been taken to ensure that should we require to close the office, all client services will continue uninterrupted.

Additional temporary personnel, who have worked previously at Strategic Resources, can be called upon to assist with recruitment and accounting/payroll processes.

We are prepared and confident that our approach to working agilely and remotely means the measures we have in place can ensure business continuity at all times. We are also engaging with our key suppliers in order to manage our supply chain disruption risk. This is a fluid and fast changing situation and we continue to closely monitor the situation as it develops.