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Marine Control Room Operator

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Full Time
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Reports to: Marine Supervisor/Chief Officer


The Ballast Control Room Operator shall be responsible for the running control of the stability of the Ship, its position and draught, and shall assist in the stability calculations and daily update loadcom.

You are responsible for the daily maintenance and operation of the bridge, and shall keep the Ship’s log updated.

You are responsible for ensuring that the day-to-day activities of him selves and his/her peers, are carried out in a safe and healthy manner and that the impact of such activities on the environment is within acceptable limits.


He/she shall keep continuous watch in the bridge and shall keep himself/herself informed as to where supply vessels, stand-by vessels and helicopters are located, and shall keep records of this information in the ships logbook.

Monitors marine control DCS systems, cargo and ballast control panel.

Monitors the mooring tension (and ships head) with respect to weather and flare.

Perform routine and emergency ballasting /de-ballasting and cargo operations.

Monitors the inert gas pressure and oxygen content of cargo tanks.

GMDSS operations as per regulations

Monitors all marine alarms and carry actions in accordance with Operation Manuals and procedures.

Carry out all radio communication both routine and emergency situation, to and from the ship.

Check that ballast and cargo valves are function properly. The check will be logged in the vessel’s logbook. Faults discovered with valves in the ballast and cargo system to be reported to the Marine Supervisor/Chief Officer.

Carry out radio communication with helicopters during arrival and departure.

Furthermore, he/she shall carry out such work as been required by his/her superior and carry out duties in accordance with Operations Manual Part 5, Offshore Emergency Response Plan (ERP).


General education, certificates and experience:

Ballast Control Operator (IMO 891/1079)

At employment: STCW II/I and experience from tankers and/or other mobile unit

Tankerman Highest Grade

Competence from acknowledged course provider in operation of Thruster Assisted Mooring Systems, Posmoor ATA or similar

Senior Recruitment Specialist

Jan Kriel
01224 628 227
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